One of my favorite leadership cartoons is Dilbert having a meeting with his boss. His boss hands him his goals for the year while adding that Dilbert’s compensation will be based on reaching these goals. Dilbert reacts enthusiastically. He is happy that he can concentrate on these important goals and ignore all the other things that his boss asked him to do. Finally clarity. But when Dilbert expressed this thought to his boss, he gets a different reaction than he expected. His boss replies that Dilbert is not allowed to do so. The reply of Dilbert is gold:

“Get back to me when you finish debating with yourself.”

(published in Summit Daily news, November 2012)


Maybe you don’t have this discussion with your boss – I certainly don’t hope so – but maybe you have it with yourself:

  •   How many priorities and goals do you add to your normal workload?
  •   How much do you load on your plate for this coming year? Too much? Too little? Or just right?

You’re the only one who can answer these questions.

To create clarity with all your priorities and goals on top of your normal workload, choose one leadership word that will guide you through the year. To help you with your choice I have created the Leadership Word Of The Year – guide book. You can download it here.