You have done the groundwork. You have a clear vision.

Now what?

What you don’t want, is having the implementation of the vision only on your own shoulders. Of course you will lead by example and communicate your vision over and over again but in the enrollment phase you create enthusiasm for the vision and get others involved.

To do so, you choose change leaders throughout the organization. Change leaders are the people who embrace change and support the vision. In that way realizing your vision is on many more shoulders than your own.

Your challenge will be choosing those change leaders. That won’t be easy. The tendency is to choose those with certain positions in the hierarchy like members of your management team. But wait a sec. Are those members your change leaders? Is every person on your management team embracing change and supporting your vision? Really? Most of the time at least one or two members are great managers. However, their preference is to avoid change. These managers of the “Let’s not change what’s not broken”- type are NOT your change agents.

In leading change, you have one job, and one job only:

Guide your co-workers to Yes or No. And you need your change leaders to help with that.

Avoid focusing on the “Maybe’s”. Maybe’s are people who are not a “Yes, I’m in. I’ll support the change”. But they are also not a “No. I’m out of here. I quit.” The problem with the “Maybe’s” is that they resist and are sometimes passive aggressive. You can spend a lot of your time on those “maybe” employees. Don’t do so. Coach them to a point of choice: Yes (meaning support) or No (work in another organization or team).

Implementing your vision by choosing change leaders and guiding your co-workers to Yes or No is service. You serve the future of your organization – remember it’s your vision that counts -, your co-workers, and yourself. This can feel awkward.

 Go beyond the limits of your discomfort. Choose your change leaders, and enroll your employee to a Yes or coach them to a No.