Nature of Change

Imagine your workplace as an ever-changing landscape. It has “seasons”.

I have experienced the “winter season” in the workplace. I remember one Monday morning – my first day at a new interim job. I opened the door to a big open-space with about 20 to 25 people working behind their desks. For one split second I thought. “Someone has passed away this weekend.” The chill, dead plants, deep silence… it felt like a cold winter scenery where the hope for Spring was lost.

I have experienced the summer season in the workplace: A workplace in which the employees are energized, engaged, productive, focused, and feeling valued… zooming around like bees near a Lavender plant.

Both workplaces will change. Yes, also the productive, “happy” workplace. A change in leadership or a different economic climate can for example cause that. Change in the workplace is – inevitable, just like in nature. It’s up to you to lead your team or organization through those seasons.

How do you do that?

Three simple steps:

1 – Realize what season your workplace is in

In nature each season has its own laws. I don’t go outside to my patio and plant some flowers in the pots this wintry afternoon. Even with all my good intentions, special dirt, fertilizer, and a good plunge of fresh water, the plants will never survive the 10-Fahrenheit temperature at night.

That is the same at the workplace. Be aware of the season of your work place.

2 – Adjust your leadership to the “season”

Each “season” requires different leadership skills. If the “winter season” has arrived in the work place, it’s your time to reflect, listen, be patient, and slow down. If it is mid summer at work then engage, encourage, and don’t be the one who is slowing things down.

3 – Look for signs of change

Spring in nature announces itself with the first crocuses and tulips adding some color to the bare landscape. The first sign of fall are the leaves sailing from their branches.

The Nature Of Change: How To Lead Change


Be aware of signs that your work environment is on the cusp of a seasonal change. For example, signs of spring might be people joking around, less gossip in the coffee corner, and employees providing ideas. Winter is around the corner or has already arrived when employees focus more and more on SOP’s, job descriptions, and procedures. It might get cold so be prepared.

This Month’s Coaching question:

What season is your work place in now?