2016 was a great year for me and the LeadershipBeyond team:

  • The commitment of clients to developing leadership of themselves or of employees was in 2016 stronger than ever. And the results show in their organizations!
  • We hosted two LeadershipBeyond events in Boulder. This was the very first year we organized them. More to follow.
  • I took a pause from speaking and writing another book. As I like action, this was a real challenge but looking back very valuable. It sounds counterintuitive but pauses can be very productive.
  • I took two lengthy European trips.
  • I completely tore apart my old way of working. Yeah! I will teach more about this in the LeadershipBeyond leadership programs and I’ll write some posts about it as well.
  • And I started working with an amazing virtual assistant.

If you would take a look at your 2016, what does your list look like?

And here are my top 5 articles of 2016 in case you are looking for some inspiration today.

Much more great stuff to come in 2017. Enjoy!

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