Some leaders make gratitude a daily practice. Joseph Plumeri, the ex-chairman of insurance broker Willis Group Holdings, is one of those leaders. He spent about 25% of his work hours on thanking people. His favorite methods to say thanks were simple: picking up the phone or writing a card.

Gratitude is an easy component  of your leadership because…

Gratitude is your choice.

Every time you look at a certain situation you determine what “glasses” you wear.  By glasses I don’t mean literally glasses, but how you frame your perspective of the work situation.

This perspective of the work situation is your truth. And your truth drives your decisions and actions. You choose how to translate each leadership situation. Over and over again.

Although we don’t often realize that, this moment of choice is a moment of power. By choosing your perspective of the work situation you ignore other people’s interpretations or translations of the situation. You choose your own translations and stick to those. That’s power.

Choosing to frame the situation from a gratitude perspective doesn’t mean that you are in denial or a phony. The only thing that you do differently is that you choose the gratitude translation.

You choose how you look at things. And as a leader that choice has a huge impact on your team and organization and their results.

Choose to choose gratitude.

Gratitude asks for presence.

Especially in the busyness of your daily work being in the present moment can be a challenge. Gratitude helps you with being present. Because being thankful requires noticing what’s around you right now. Gratitude is your vehicle to connect to the present moment.

It’s hard to be thankful for your co-workers, accomplishments, and gifts if you don’t notice those. Being grateful requires awareness.

And that is such a powerful present: to be present. So, although you might think that expressing your thankfulness to another person is a gift to the other, in reality it is a gift to yourself. That moment of noticing and expressing your gratitude connects you to the present.

Gratitude wakes you up from thoughts of the past or the future. And when you are really here you notice what’s around you. You listen differently, you connect differently, you engage differently, you lead differently.

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote,

“Life is available only in the present moment.”

That is the same for leadership:

Leadership is only available in the present moment.

Gratitude is about acknowledgement.

Through your gratitude perspective you’ll become aware of all those little things that most of the time get unnoticed. The employee who always brings in coffee for other employees; the employee who has worked for the organization for 23 years and never missed one staff meeting; the employee who always shovels the snow of the stairs of the employee entrance.

Acknowledge what’s there. It’s already there. It’s only waiting for you to be seen. Gratitude validates. Gratitude expresses, “yes, that’s what I like.”

Gratitude makes you lead beyond the mundane.

As you’re getting ready for this holiday, take a moment and focus on your workplace. Just take a few minutes at work today and be thankful for all the people, their contributions, and small gifts.

And express that gratefulness.